Orthodox plunge into the icy water of Dnipro river Epiphany, Kiev,January 2016 Epiphany celebrations in Kiev, January 2016 Ultra orthodox Jewish girls during a wedding in Bnei Brak February 2016 Dead Sea February 2016  Ultra-orthodox Jewish men attend funeral of rabbi Yochanan Sofer, Jerusalem February 2016 Ultra-Orthodox Jewish bride, Israel,Netanya March 2016 Purim in Hebron, March 2016 Israeli youths crawl in the mud training for the Israeli Army February 2016 Ultra-Orthodox men harvest wheat for shmura matza, May, 2016 A three-week-old male South African giraffe calf at the Jerusalem Biblical zoo April 2016 Bedewin Wedding in the Arara Banegev, Negev desert , May 2016 Wedding Sasov Hassidut  February 2016 Jewish bride, wedding Bnei Braq, Israel 2014
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A photography book by Gil Cohen-Magen "Hassidic Courts"

An Exhibition "Hassidic Courts",  by Gil Cohen-Magen. National Museum in Kielce, Poland. March 31, 2016 - May 31, 2016  
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