Dead Sea July 2015 Kaparot Jerusalem September 2015 Hanukkah, Mea Shearim Jerusalem, December 2015 The Northern Lights, Anchorage  Alaska, November 2015 Orthodox plunge into the icy water of Dnipro river Epiphany, Kiev,January 2016 Epiphany celebrations in Kiev, January 2016 Ultra orthodox Jewish girls during a wedding in Bnei Brak February 2016 Dead Sea February 2016  Ultra-orthodox Jewish men attend funeral of rabbi Yochanan Sofer, Jerusalem February 2016 Ultra-Orthodox Jewish bride, Israel,Netanya March 2016 Purim in Hebron, March 2016 Israeli youths crawl in the mud training for the Israeli Army February 2016 Ultra-Orthodox men harvest wheat for shmura matza, May, 2016 A three-week-old male South African giraffe calf at the Jerusalem Biblical zoo April 2016
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A photography book by Gil Cohen-Magen "Hassidic Courts"

An Exhibition "Hassidic Courts",  by Gil Cohen-Magen. National Museum in Kielce, Poland. March 31, 2016 - May 31, 2016  
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