Ultra-Orthodox Jews harvest wheat in a field near Modi'in, May, 2019. Ultra-Orthodox Jews take part in a rally of Israel's parliamentary election, April, 2019 Israeli Holocaust survivor Fanny Ben Ami (L), 89, and her grandson soldier Eyal Ben Ami in Jerusalem on April, 2019. Supporters of the Likud party make final preparation ahead of the parliamentary polls in Modi'in, April 2019. Benny Gantz,  leader of Blue and White, visits the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City as part of his election campaign, March, 2019.  veterinarian of Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo, releases a Persian fallow deer at the hills of Jerusalem February, 2019 A flock of starlings fly near Beit She'an Israel on February, 2019
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A photography book by Gil Cohen-Magen "Hassidic Courts"

An Exhibition "Hassidic Courts",  by Gil Cohen-Magen. National Museum in Kielce, Poland. March 31, 2016 - May 31, 2016  
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